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The 2012 London Olympics

 The 2012 London Olympics 
Last month I listed all the sporting opportunities to attract customers that will be 
presented to you in 2012.  If you missed it then you might either call Keri Crompton, the Communications Coordinator at the QHA on 07 3221 6999 and arrange to get another copy of the QHA magazine.  Or you can go to It is extremely valuable information. 
Certainly the BIGGEST sporting event this year will be the London Olympics. So between now and the Opening Ceremony on Saturday 27th of July I want to share with you ideas, stories and web sites related to the Olympics.  My thinking is to make YOUR Hotel ‘Olympic Central’ for the 16 days of the 2012 Olympic (and perhaps forever more.)  To do this you need to begin NOW!
As mentioned in last month’s article Derek Redmond  never won a medal at the Olympics.  But he did perform an amazing feat, in 1992, that you will probably remember. I invite you to meet Derek at: Or simply search Google for: Derek Redmond - Max Hitchins.  
I note that Derek is now being used in their lead up advertisements for the London Games.  I also noted that Derek’s Father, Jim, is going to be one of the ‘torch carriers in the Torch Relay. 
A South American subscriber to my weekly emails wrote to me to tell of a great idea they use for all major sporting events. He said it was one of the best marketing ideas they have ever conceived. He said they ‘built their own stadium’ in a large function room they have at the Hotel. The focal point is a four sided television unit that has four separate TV screens. This is located in the centre of the room.  Around the four sides they erect tiered aluminium seating.    They charge a fee to ‘attend’ the various sporting events.   
At the London Olympic site they are encouraging active involvement from people all around the world. The two Olympic mascots, I am sure you will see a lot of, are called Wenlock and Mandeville, The even invite you to make your own mascot. See
I have collected some marvellous motivational and inspirational stories about Oylmpians and Paralympians for my soon to be released eBook. Here are four: 
1.  At the 1976 Montreal Olympics Japanese gymnast Shun Fujimoto performed on a broken right knee to help the Japanese team win the Gold Medal.  
Fujimoto broke his leg on the floor exercise, and due to the closeness in the overall standings with the USSR, he hid the extent of the injury. With a broken knee, Fujimoto was able to complete his event on the rings, performing a perfect triple somersault dismount, maintaining perfect posture. He scored a 9.7 thus securing gold for Japan. 
See this story of Shun Fujimoto’s incredible courage at:
2.  In 1996 in Atlanta US Women’s Gymnastic team member Kerri Strug became an American heroine as a result of her final vault at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It was in the Team competition. An event dominated by the Russians for decades and never won by the United States. Going into the final rotation Strug under-rotated the landing of her first attempt, causing her to fall and damage her ankle.  Coach Karolyi coaxed Strug saying "Kerri, we need you to go one more time.”  Strug then limped to the end of the runway for her second attempt. She landed the vault briefly on both feet, almost instantly hopping onto only her good foot, saluting the judges. Then she collapsed onto her knees and needed assistance off the landing platform...and the Americans won the Gold medal. See this brave effort at:
3.  In the 2000 Sydney Olympics one of the most inspiring of all was the English Paralympian Giles Long who only has the use of one arm as a result of cancer. Yet for twelve years he has represented Great Britain at the highest level in the world of swimming, both as a Butterfly and Individual Medley swimmer.  His greatest achievement was winning the Paralympic 100 metre Butterfly Gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in world record time of 1.08.31 Swimmers know how difficult butterfly is to master (with two arms). Click here to see this incredible world record breaking event.
Queenslander Kieran Perkins won back to back 1500 metre swimming Gold medals in 1992 and 1996.  Perhaps the 1996 race was most inspiring.  At the time Kieran was out of form and long-time Australian rival Daniel Kowalski was regarded as the favourite for the race. Perkins qualified for the final by a mere 0.24 seconds and was relegated to Lane 8 (the slowest lane) for the final.  Check out the video of this amazing swim at:
Final thought: 
To make it easier to click on the links in this article you can read this article at my Blog at:
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The 2012 BIG Sporting Opportunities

QHA article: March 2012 Edition 

Title:   The 2012 BIG Sporting Opportunities
Last month I focussed on unusual opportunities to attract customers that your competition has probably never heard of.  Remember? March 5th-Mothers-In-Law Day; March 9th - Kissing Day; April 23rd St George’s Day; 4th May - Secretaries Day; 8th May. Coca Cola Day and 2nd of June - Italian Day.
This month I would like to focus on some of the 2012  REALLY BIG Sporting opportunities and suggest you begin planning to capitalise on them NOW. Too often opportunities, like a State Of Origin match or a Reds v NSW match, rush up on us. And, because we have not done our planning far enough ahead, we miss wonderful opportunities. 
The benefit of capitalising on these BIG events is that someone else is spending the money to promote the event for you.  All you have to do is to ‘hold your bag open‘ to catch the money.  
I call this Slipstream Marketing.  You are getting into someone else’s slipstream and this makes it easier for you. Someone else has done and is doing the hard work promoting the event.  Ask professional bike riders about ‘slipstreaming’. They will tell you they like to get in behind the lead rider. this places them in the ‘slipstream’ and it is much easier to ride there than in the front. 
So let’s look at the sporting opportunities in which you can slipstream behind in 2012.
March 1-5.  Rugby League. NRL Opening Round. (See draw at:
March 15-22. Swimming. Australian Olympic Trials in Adelaide.  (Could attract a crowd in this Olympic year.)
March 19. Cricket. One Day International agains West Indies in St Vincent.
March 23. Cricket. One Day International agains West Indies in St Lucia.
March 23-25. Rugby Union. Hong Kong Sevens.
March 24.  AFL. Opening Round.  (See draw at:
March 30. Cricket. T20. Australia v West Indies. Barbados.
April 2-4.  Diving. Olympic Trial in Adelaide. 
April 5-8. Golf. USA Masters. Georgia.
April 7. Horse racing. Golden Slipper. Rosehill. Sydney.
April 7-11. Cricket. 1st Test. Australia v West Indies in Trinidad.
April 20. A-League Grand Final.
April 21. Horse Racing. Doncaster. Randwick. Sydney.
April 28th. Horse Racing. Sydney Cup. Randwick. 
May 5. Football. FA Cup Final. Wembley.
May 12. Horse Racing. BTC Brisbane Cup. 
May 19. Horse Racing. Doomben Cup. 
May 23. Rugby League. Game 1 QLD v NSW. Ethiad Stadium. Melbourne.
May 27 - June 10. Tennis. French Open.
June 5. Rugby Union. Australia v Scotland. Ausgrid Stadium. Newcastle.
June 5. Horse Racing. Stradbroke. Brisbane.
June 9. Rugby Union. Australia v Wales. Suncorp Stadium. Brisbane.
June 13. Rugby League. QLD v NSW. Game 2  State of Origin. ANZ Stadium. Sydney. 
June 16. Rugby Union. Australia v Wales. Ethiad Stadium. Melbourne. 
June 23. Rugby Union. Australia v Wales. ANZ Stadium. Sydney.
June 23. Cricket. One Day International. Australia v Ireland. Belfast.
June 25 - July 6. Tennis Wimbledon. London.
June 29. One Day International. Australia v England. Lords. London.
June 30 - July 22. Tour de France
July 1. One Day International. Australia v England. The Oval. London.
July 4. Rugby League. QLD v NSW. Game 3. State of Origin. Suncorp Stadium.
July 7. One Day International. Australia v England. Durham.
July 27-28. Rugby Union. Super Rugby Semi Finals.
July 27 - August 12. Olympic Games. London.
August 4. Rugby Union. Super Rugby Grand Final. 
August 18. Rugby Union. Australia v New Zealand. ANZ Stadium. Sydney. 
August 25. Rugby Union. Australia v New Zealand. Eden Park. Auckland.
August 27. Tennis.  US Open. New York.
August 29-September 9. Paralympics. London.
September 4-9. Rugby League. Finals. Week one.
September 4-9. AFL.  Finals. Week one.
September 8. Rugby Union. Australia v South Africa. Perth.
September 4-9. Rugby League. Finals. Week two.
September 14-15. AFL.  Finals. Week two.
September 15. Rugby Union. Australia v Argentina. Gold Coast.
September 21-22. Rugby League. Finals. Preliminary Finals.
September 21-22. AFL.  Finals. Preliminary Finals.
September 29. AFL Grand Final.
September 29. Rugby Union. Australia v South Africa. Pretoria. 
September 30.  Rugby League. NRL Grand Final.
October 6. Rugby Union. Australia v Argentina.  Buenos Aires.
October 6. Horse Racing. Epsom Handicap. Randwick. Sydney. 
October 20. Horse Racing. Caulfield Cup.  Melbourne.
October 27. Horse Racing. Cox Plate. Moonee Valley. Melbourne.  
November 3. Horse Racing. Victoria Derby. Flemington. Melbourne.
November 6. Horse Racing. Melbourne Cup. Flemington. Melbourne.
November 8. Horse racing. Ladies Day. VRC Oaks. Flemington. Melbourne.
November 25. Horse Racing. Japan Cup. 
December 26-30. Australia v Sri Lanka. 

No doubt the biggest event of the year will be the London Olympics.  You can check out for all details.  Prior to the Games I will be producing an eBook and a FREE iPhone App on the Olympic.  Tell you more about that in another article.
My most inspiring Olympic athlete, Derek Redmond, never won a medal at the Olympics.  But he did perform an amazing feat, in 1992, that you will probably remember. I invite you to meet Derek at: Or simply search Google for: Derek Redmond - Max Hitchins.

Final thought: 
“When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters - one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”  John F. Kennedy
In 2011 Max Hitchins was voted the #1 most influential hospitality industry educator in the world. Check out the complete list at He is known as the Hospitality Doctor and specialises in Internet Marketing. QHA members are invited to register at  to receive his regular e-mails with Secrets, Tips and Tonics to fill your Bars, Bistro’s and Beds. E:  Tel: 0419 53 63 73.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Trends for 2012

Aristotle Onassis once said "The secret of business is to know something before your competition knows it.”

Imagine if someone offered you the opportunity to go to the races on Saturday when you had ‘Sunday’s Newspaper’ - which has the Saturday race results in it!

In this article I want to give you that ‘Sunday Newspaper.’ I want to share my research with you that tells of trends around Australia and trends around the world. This can put you ahead of your competition.

During 2011, whilst in Amsterdam, I Interviewed Charles van Goch about European Hospitality Tends. Charley is the Managing Director of the Maastricht based Hospitality Staff Training and Recruitment Bureau - Mise en Place.  Each year he organises major major hospitality industry conferences.  You may remember I wrote a complete article about these trends.  I want to remind you of a just one piece of the article. 

The Sheconomy

In the video above  you will see and hear Charley talking about the Sheconomy and feminization. He tells about women being the principal buyers on the Interent. It appears that within five years 85% of all the purchases on the Internet will be made by women. Hence our web sites and web marketing need be pitched at women. He talks about a hotel in Copenhagen built only for women. He talks about how the colours of menus need appeal to women.  He talks about how current menus feature 80% meat and 20% vegetables. The trends indicate, by 2015, these percentages will reverse.  Ummmmmmmmm

Trends in Hotel Food

The Good Food Guide indicated the following trends:
Using local produce and telling about it on your menu
Taco/Mexican is a hot idea
Tapas tasting plates
Breadboard are becoming very trendy and popular
* Although the idea horrifies me my research indicates BIG serves are going to be big in 2012.  Check Out
Appealing to kids with XBox Stations and Play Stations. Colouring in sheets and coloured pencils are popular as are kids playgrounds. (Check out the kids area Les Pullos has at the award winning Samford Valley Hotel.)
Coffee...but I mean ‘good coffee’.  (Check out Richard Bowley’s Cafe Infereno at the Southern Hotel in Toowoomba. You will find another outstanding coffee operation at The Olive Tree Hotel, Sunbury, Melbourne.)  
Unfortunately, the cook your own Bar-B-Q star is fading

In an article written by Rieva Lesonsky, on the Small Business Trends web site at:  I found the 10 Food Business Trends to watch for in 2012. Below are the first four:

* Artisanal everything: Not new, but still going strong, ‘artisanal’ originally referred to handcrafted foods but is now springing up everywhere. The term has even trickled down to quick-service restaurants, with major chains like Jack in the Box touting “artisanal” breads as a selling point. One product that’s not quite so mainstream: artisanal marshmallows.
* So cool it’s hot: Ice cream (especially, you guessed it, artisanal ice cream) shows no signs of slowing down. (And why should it—who doesn’t love ice cream?) Next up, restaurant consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co. predicts “snow ice”–a dessert with the flavor and creaminess of ice cream but that has a light, airy texture.
* One potato, two potato: They may have been banned from school lunchroom menus, but they’re showing up everywhere else. Andrew Freeman & Co. says the big trend will be “have-it-your-way” potatoes, such as make-your-own mashed potatoes with customized mix-ins, fries where you can choose the cut, degree of crispness and dipping sauce; and chips with custom “dustings” and dips. If plain old potatoes sound too unhealthy for your customers, try offering sweet potato fries and dishes.
* Breakfast anytime: Customers want what they want when they want it—and for many, what they want is breakfast. Restaurants are happy to oblige, since breakfast food ingredients are typically cheaper than other meals. Some are serving breakfast menus all day long; others are reinterpreting breakfast foods for dinner with items like sandwiches made of waffles, egg dishes or French toast bread puddings.

Best Five Dishes

At I found the best five dishes in NSW were:
*Delicious sorbet and gelato "cake" with sliced fruit coated in toffee at the Oriental Hotel, 112 Macquarie Road, Springwood.
*All the steaks at the Willow Tree Inn, New England Highway, Willow Tree.
Crumbed pigs' tail at the Four in Hand, 105 Sutherland Street, Paddington.
* Shredded confit duck salad, Northies Cronulla Hotel, corner of Kingsway and Elouera Road, Cronulla.
* Duck and olive pie at the Epping Hotel, 58 Beecroft Road, Epping.

Terry Brock
is an Internet guru from Florida, USA. He taught me to always be ready, with a video camera, for opportunities. So, recognising the opportunity,  I had my trusty video camera with me when we had lunch together when he was recently in Australia. I asked him about the latest Internet trends in America.  Click on the video below to 'meet' Terry.

Final thought: American entertainer Dick Clark once said,  “I don't set trends. I just find out what they are and exploit them.”


Max Hitchins is known around the world as the Hospitality Doctor specialising in Internet Marketing for the Hospitality Industry.  QHA members are invited to register at to receive his regular e-mails with Secrets, Tips and Tonics to fill your Bars, Bistro’s and Beds.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marketing lesson from the Berlin Wall

Recently, when I was in Berlin, I stayed at The Westin Hotel. (What a great hotel...excellent staff...and perhaps the best buffet breakfast I have ever experienced).

But what really attracted my attention was the huge slab of concrete near the entrance to the hotel. It was a part of the infamous Berlin Wall that divided East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989.

And it prompted me to think about the possibilities of having something of an historical nature at front of Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs or Motels as a way to stand out from the herd. Wherever you are in the world there is always some interesting history or story that would interest tourists and visitors. Ummmmmm. What do you think? Anything come to mind that would work in your place or a business near you? Love to hear your thoughts.


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PS. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
(Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, speech at the Brandenburg Gate, 1987)